Ten Simple Ideas to Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Having a small kitchen can make many challenges.  However, you don’t need to make this like a claustrophobic room. Through reading this article, you can get several ideas on how to make your small kitchen look bigger. 

You can get most of the space for your small kitchen by maximizing the storage options and discover the decorating ideas for limited spaces. Perhaps, you will be surprised how easy to create a small kitchen seems bigger.

Follow these ten different ways and you will see that your dull and cramped kitchen will transform into a new inviting room in your home.

•    Let the natural light comes in As simple as letting the light come in into your kitchen, it can open up the whole area. Do not cover the kitchen window with thick and heavy curtains or perhaps widow treatments. As an alternative, set up a light shade that will not cast a shadow of the entire room. This idea will guarantee privacy.

•    Use the right flooring Having light colored kitchen flooring can help open up the small kitchen, although it is made of light wood shade.  If you use ceramic tiles in the kitchen, make sure that the grout matches the tiles. This can help widen the space and remove the lines from the different grout colors.

•    Choose proper cabinet color By using a light colored cabinet, this can also help widen small kitchen. Dark kitchen often looks small. So, choose light color kitchen furniture and you will see the big difference. Also, by installing glass doors on the cabinet can open the kitchen room better.

•    Do not be overwhelmed with room pattern This is the easiest tips to make your small kitchen look bigger. A small room does not respond well to bold and big pattern. Using of wallpaper isn’t usually recommended for small kitchen. However, if you really want to use wallpaper, choose small subtle prints. Additionally, stay away from bold print kitchen rugs, towels, curtains, and more as they create the room seems small and crowded.

•    Choose reflective appliances To make your small kitchen appear bigger, choose reflective appliances like stainless steel. These reflective kitchen appliances can help widen the entire area. They act as a mirror that can give a false impression of a huge room.

•    Avoid kitchen clutter Mostly, clutters can make the huge room seem cramped and small. So, remove all the clutters to get the most from the space of your kitchen. Remove flour and sugar containers from the counter tops. You can place the spices in the cabinets and keep all the cooking utensils. Clutter can make even the largest room appear small and cramped. Get rid of the clutter, and get the most from your kitchen space. By opening the space on the counter tops, you will notice that the entire kitchen room looks bigger.

•    Apply light color palette To help widen your small kitchen, choose and use light paint color on the walls. Light colors do not really mean white. Use can use cool colors in small rooms. These light colors give illusion to the walls. Cool colors include pale green, light blue, delicate lavender, and more. Choose your favorite light color for your kitchen.

•    Keep kitchen simple The major key when it comes to decorating small spaces is by making it simple. Think of simple kitchen decors, sleek lines, and light tones. In case you don’t need and use it anymore, keep it away from the kitchen.

•    Make kitchen bigger with proper back splash To make the kitchen larger, place a back splash at the back of the cooking space. This can offer easy cleaning. In your small kitchen, use stainless steel back splash. Since stainless steel again acts as a reflection and provide the illusion of a huge room.

•    Use space saving accessories Finally, get the most of your kitchen space by using space saving accessories. By using these accessories like roll out trays, and spice rack, you can actually double the storage space. By following the above ideas, you can successfully transform your small kitchen into a larger one!

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