The Different Building Materials To Consider When Constructing A Flat Roof

A roof covered with EPDM membrane
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Flat roofs are a kind of roof building concealment that are practically horizontal and offer just enough inclination to permit water to flow. Normally, flat roofs will be witnessed more in dry, arid climates where pooling of rainwater on roofs is not much of a problem, but modern architecture has started to feature this kind of roofing in several homes. Like common roofing, flat roofs are composed of a range of materials, some being more durable and long-lasting than others therefore making it vital for one to select wisely between the various materials flat roofs are built from. As explained at the flat roof company site, flat roofs were usually made of a tar and gravel based surface, but nowadays, a range of materials have been employed in the manufacture of this kind of roofing and flat roofs are now more reliable than they were before.

Building a roof using home building materials

BUR: A Common Choice

Among the numerous types of flat roofs, the most well-known is the asphalt built up roof or BUR. These types of roofs are built from several layers of plies and asphalt and gravel is popularly used as an outside material for this kind of roofing. A major problem for the asphalt built up roof is that the material degrades and becomes weak, rendering it vulnerable to cracks and leaks. It also requires a very energy-intensive installation process that also contributes some atmospheric pollution.

Additional Options

Besides the BUR, there are a lot of other types of roof building materials for flat roofs. One of them is the Turbo Seal, a self-healing, gel-like membrane made up of about 45% recycled tire rubber. This is set out on existing tar roofs and afterwards overlaid with a sheet membrane. Another roofing material that is increasingly gaining popularity is the cold applied liquid membranes. This sort of roofing utilizes glass fiber and gives seamless waterproofing around rough protrusions and details. It makes no use of open flames or heat sources. There is also the CSPE or chlorosulfonated polyethylene more commonly recognized as Hypalon, PVC or polyvinyl chloride, TPO or thermoplastic polyolefin, and Curon or cold-curing glass-reinforced polymer composite. And of course there's always the EPDM material as described at the epdm roofing site.

Make Your Selection

With the large choice of materials to pick from, one can really select the kind of flat roof that is best suited to his needs. There are already a number of manufacturers involved in the production of manufacturing this kind of roofing. Flat roofs have unquestionably developed and advanced in terms of quality and durability and there will surely be one out there that is the solution to anybody's building plans.

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