The Ultimate Green House in Edinburgh’s West End

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The Ultimate Green House – For most families a garden is something to enjoy and spend time in during the summer months – but for some its maintenance can become a burden on the household. houses in edinburgh But an Edinburgh property in the heart of the city centre has the perfect solution for both types of botanical fans – the ultimate trouble free garden.

The Ultimate Green House – The three-bedroomed ground floor flat in the West End has all the luxuries of a secluded garden with the added benefit of no upkeep duties to maintain its stunning look. This is down to the flat’s current owners, David and Karen Lang, who spent thousands of pounds installing a high quality artificial lawn which allowed them to spend less time weeding and more time revelling.

David said: “When we bought the house the garden was just paving slabs but now it’s transformed into a bright, spacious area that we just loved spending time in without the worry of having to maintain it. “I commute a lot with my work and I wanted to come home and see a spectacular garden and not something that would be a burden on my day-to-day life as well as time with my new born son, Daniel. “We wanted to make it ultra low maintenance and spent between eight and nine thousand pounds on its renovation. It has made such an enormous difference to the whole feel and enjoyment of the house.” David, 39, and his wife Karen, 31, have decided to relocate closer to their work at a medical devices company in Stirling. Their work on the house didn’t stop at the beautifully planned garden as the property, located on Coates Gardens, has been skilfully remodelled within the course of the last few months to maximise the floor space. The high quality upgrade includes decoration with style, flair and considerable attention to detail and has resulted in bright, spacious accommodation thanks to clever and imaginative design. And both owners believe the garden’s renovation was the missing piece to complete the house. David added:  “It was a beautiful home when we moved in so we wanted to bring it up to the same level as the rest of the place. The garden really let it down. “Our garden really stands out and is different from the rest of the gardens in the street – it looks like it’s been done by a professional and it really hasn’t aged in the time that we had it laid. “We did it so it looks great all the time and the only thing we’ve ever had to do during the autumn and winter months is clear up some leaves. It’s really about being able to enjoy it and not having to worry about it.” Avril Hislop, Warners Property Sales Manager, said: “I absolutely loved the particularly secluded back garden which totally had me fooled with its beautiful lush green lawn. “I was staggered to discover that the lawn was artificial – this house is perfect for families who don’t want to spend their weekends weeding or maintaining the garden and it doesn’t even deteriorate in condition over the winter months. “It’s such a great space and it’s been designed to optimise every aspect of the garden – from bedding to flowers and even the BBQ pit and entrance to the garden through the French doors. “I wouldn’t be surprised if even the greenest fingered person didn’t find this garden attractive as it really ticks every box for appearance and quality.” Warners, which has four property shops in Edinburgh, has been the Capital’s leading property solicitor in terms of property sales and listings for the past 11 years. edinburgh house | edinburgh housing


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