Why should I keep wooden windows in my home? – 7 Reasons Why

If you have just moved into your home and are thinking about doing some renovations then one of the first things that you might think about changing is the old wooden windows that are fitted in older properties. This may seem appealing as these windows are aging and may appear initially expensive to keep and care for but this definitely is not the case.


Why keep them?


One of the main reasons to keep your wooden windows is that windows like these are not very common. A rarity and should be preserved just as any animal facing extinction should be preserved. Wooden windows really can help to add character to your home and offer you something different to what every other home looks like.


You may have just heard of the issues that can arise with wooden windows though and this can be off putting, especially when you think that you may have to shell out a lot of money to care for the windows.


One rumour is that these windows are draughty and let out a lot of heat, often the main reason that people choose to replace them. This is something that isn’t true though, with wood being a very insulating material, helping to keep heat inside rather than letting it out.


With stylish windows that save you money on fuel bills, why would you even want to replace them?

The following are the reasons why you might want to consider:


1. Beauty and appeal


The rich grain and organic texture of solid wood make beautifully crafted wooden windows a wonderful addition to any home or building.


wooden windows add an element of visual beauty to any design they grace – a fact that makes them the first choice for discerning architects, builders and homeowners the world over.


Wood, if skilfully crafted, has a stunning organic quality for unrivalled aesthetic appeal


2. Choice of a Wide Range of Styles


The style of windows you choose must complement the overall design of your home


Wooden windows offers  a wide range of styles and designs to suit almost any design, from the most contemporary to the very traditional – for example, sliding sash windows, mock sash windows, horizontal gliding windows, full pane windows, small pane windows and top-hung windows.


3. Sustainable and Weather Proof


In general, wood has a much smaller carbon footprint than other materials used to construct windows – making it the ideal environmentally friendly choice.


When compared to a similar type of window made from wood, you will find:


  • 4.41 times the amount of energy to make it out of UPVC,
  • 6.34 times the amount of energy to make it out of aluminium
  • 11.7 times the amount of energy to make it out of steel


In general, wood has a much smaller carbon footprint than other materials used to construct windows – making it the ideal environmentally friendly choice.


“Unlike plastic, concrete, steel or aluminium, wood is a sustainable material and a renewable source.”


It is important to choose materials that suit the specific climate you are living in –



Wood is long lasting and durable If well maintained and wooden windows can last for decades.


Developments in timber window design and finishing products mean that modern, high performance timber windows need minimal maintenance.


In general, 50 to 100 years, and even after that time, windows can often be renovated and restored, whereas this is not always possible with other materials.


6. Insulation qualities


Wood is an extremely efficient insulator, period.


5. Double-glazing


Double-glazing and insulation can easily reduce the energy spent on regulating the temperature in your home by as much as 50%.


However, in the past, wooden windows were not always available with double-glazing, but now they are.


6. Easy to maintain


Aesthetics aside – many consumers were wary of wooden windows as they required a lot of maintenance to keep them looking good.


However with the advent of water-based sealants maintaining your wooden windows is quick and easy.  If you can wash and wipe a window your maintenance is done.


Water-based sealants are durable, designed to withstand even the harshest climates, they are easy to apply, and they are comparatively very quick-drying.


Furthermore they:


  • withstand temperature fluctuations,
  • make the wood heat-reflective (in darker colours)
  • are fungus-resistant,


“It prolongs the longevity of the wood, and it is touch-dry within a mere three hours – no more sanding is required.”



Wooden windows can be pre-sealed and preglazed


This new range comprises wooden windows that are pre-sealed as they are finished being manufactured.


This not only saves the builder and homeowner time and money, but it also ensures that the windows and doors are protected against any exposure to the elements.


7. Wooden windows are timeless


Nowadays, antique wooden windows are still in demand, and it is easy to understand why.


Simply put, wooden windows offer a timeless appeal that grows over time.


The classic beauty of wood is something that lasts through the ages, and this is why wooden windows boast the best staying power when compared to other types of windows.


Caring for wooden windows


Some people believe that it is very hard to care for timber windows, something that is not true as these windows are very simple and easy to care for.  Wooden windows should be serviced every 13-15 years in order to ensure that they remain in top quality but as long as you maintain your windows, you will notice if there are any issues and if you need someone to come and fix them for you.


There are many professionals that will do this for you cheaply and easily. If your windows are sash windows for example and are not sliding properly then you can get a specialist in to dissemble them, restring and realign them and then assemble them again – it really is very easy.


Timber windows offer your house a traditional style while still being super practical, and if you are thinking about replacing them, you should really think again.

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