XFACTOR Leona Is Now Nearer, To Becoming A First Time Buyer!

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Leona Lewis has made history by becoming the first British female solo artist, in more than two decades, to top the American singles chart. She is now beginning to take another continent by storm.

“Wow, wow, wow……….Talk about a star is born. You’re the real deal, girl.” It was with these words that Oprah Winfrey bestowed her blessing on Leona, following their chat show encounter.

Some British music critics did not embraced her, dismissing Lewis’s music as too mainstream. Despite being nominated in four categories at the Brit Music Awards last month, Leona walked away empty-handed. The Billboard endorsements will now force some of them who sneered at Leona’s success in the UK, to revise their opinion.

Clive Davis, the founder of J Records and the man attributed to discovering Whitney Houston, endorses what the American public think about Leona by saying, “She is an artist who will be a true star for many years to come. I was immediately knocked out by her range, her versatility and the purity of her voice.”

Celebrating her first number one single Leona commented, “I’m so excited to be able to spend some time in the US and showcase my work to everyone here. It’s been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl and I just can’t wait. Thanks to everyone for the support so far. It’s just incredible and I appreciate it so, so much.”

Few people will now dispute that Lewis has an incredible voice; she does look amazing and that she is working with the right recording industry people. The right material is what Leona now requires to excel. The simple formula is a strong song, sung from the heart, alive with drama and conviction.

Although Leona presently lives in a rented flat with her long-term boyfriend, we can truly say ‘the sky is the limit’ for the type of home they will now be able to purchase. Her combined successes have now removed the financial burden of climbing onto the property ladder and catapulting her into a bright future.

According to research conducted by Alliance & Leicester, property ownership amongst young people in their twenties, was still a life’s ambition-ahead of marriage and starting a family. The survey showed 42 per cent of them expecting to become parents by the time they reached their 30th birthday. Being married or in a civil partnership was the expectation of 49 per cent but 57 per cent imagined themselves becoming a homeowner.

Richard Taylor, Head of Mortgage Products at Alliance & Leicester said, “Even in an uncertain housing market, we’re seeing those under the age of 30 feeling confident and optimistic about the prospect of getting onto the property ladder before they say goodbye to their twenties.”

The average age of first-time buyers is currently 29, following findings by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) – a rise of one year over the last 15 years. Affordability issues, mortgage products availability and choice, levels of consumer debt and a change in lifestyle are contributory factors in more young people delaying climbing on the property ladder today.

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