Ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep – finding a bed that’s right for you

After a hard day at work or play nothing beats the feeling of catching a well-earned 40 winks under-an oversized duvet. But while a luxuriant feather-down duvet, Egyptian cotton sheets and a set of well fluffed pillows can all go a long way to helping us make the transition to the world of slumber, without a comfortable bed the recipe for a good’s night sleep is rarely complete.


Here are just a few things to consider when buying the right bed for your needs.




When it comes to choosing your dream bed, size definitely matters. Depending on your sleeping style, from the foetal position to arms and legs splayed across the full width of the bed, anything from a single bed frame to king size bed frames could meet your requirements. The size of bed you choose will also need to reflect the amount of space you have in your bedroom, whether you’ll be sharing the bed with a significant other or your little ones and your height – no one wants to have their feet dangling over the edge of their bed.




Your choice of bed frame will normally be dictated by the existing decor in your room. As an example, if you are a fan of period interiors then a bed with a black cast iron bed frame could give the perfect nod to centuries gone by while an oak or mahogany bed frame will tie in nicely with a country look.


If you love nothing more than sitting up in bed reading a good book or the Sunday papers then a frame with a large built-in headboard can ensure that you stay comfortable as your burn the midnight oil.




A good mattress is worth its weight in gold; a fact that anyone who has spent a night spent tossing and turning an uncomfortable mattress until the small hours will attest to.


Memory foam mattresses are all the rage and mould to the shape of your body to virtually guarantee an uninterrupted night’s sleep. For those who are still loyal to the traditional spring mattress but want to take their sleep experience up another notch, a pocket spring mattress such as the pocket latex mattress could be the perfect option.


These have thousands of spring housed in individual pockets, offering an added touch of luxury to your night’s sleep, while ensuring that you aren’t interrupted if your partner fusses and fidgets at night.




If your bedroom is a little on the compact side, then having the right storage in place is key to ensuring that everything has its place. Finding a bed which has built-in storage underneath or a specially designed storage bed that can be raised up to reveal storage underneath, such as an ottoman, can also be a great space saving device.


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